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Shower Pumps

With the correct shower pump you can enjoy the shower of your dreams. Softly cascading aerated bubbles will drench, caress, re-invigorate and refresh. This is a shower that will bring peace, comfort, and a feeling of well-being at the beginning or the end of every day.

We offer a range of different shower pumps  from several manufacturers all available from Newport Bathroom Centre so please telephone us on 01633 262629 for our latest brochures, prices and offers.

Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

Stuart Turner are the pump company with an enviable reputation for quality, service and product innovation all across the world. they are dedicated to understanding the markets in which they specialise, and are highly successful in applying their engineering skills to produce quality products, all of which are manufactured to the highest standards to provide our customers with pumping solutions to meet their needs and all have full Water Regulation Advisory Service (WRAS) approval.


Stuart Turner - Monsoon Extra

The Monsoon Extra system booster pumps have been specifically designed for applications that require the highest levels of flow, pressure and performance. They were developed to meet the needs of professional installers, consulting engineers, architects and water system specialists. Typical installations include small to medium sized hotels and leisure centres where maximum flow and pressure are required for multiple bathrooms, showers and other outlets.

Stuart Turner Monsoon Extra Shower Pumps

Stuart Turner - Showermate

The Showermate single pump is the ideal solution for boosting one outlet such as a kitchen hot tap, or for boosting the water pressure between the shower mixer valve and the shower rose. The twin pumps are perfect for boosting both the hot and cold supply to the shower and means that multifunction shower roses can be installed.

Stuart Turner Showermate Shower Pumps


Salamander Shower Pumps

All Salamander pumps are designed and engineered to ensure a long and maintenance free life. Every pump is individually tested for safety, performance and quality of workmanship. The Salamander range features pumps that boost the tank-fed Hot and Cold water services to baths, basins and showers in any domestic system.

All pumps are strong, durable and user friendly. The Salamander flagship pumps enjoy the security and protection of ESP electronic sensor protection. This technologically advanced and sophisticated heart has been created especially by Salamander and can be found in our top of the range pumps such as the ESP Right Pumps featured here.


Salamander ESP Right Pumps

ESP (electronic sensor protection) CPV Pumps are the culmination of four years intensive research to develop advanced pumps that incorporate micro-electronic technology and sensors. The result is showers that protect users from unexpected or unforeseen conditions.

Salamander ESP Shower Pumps

Salamander Right Pumps

There are people for whom a shower is functional rather than enjoyable. But the privileged few who have experienced the sheer joy of a really powerful shower find it almost impossible to live without one in their daily routine. To the initiated, a Right Pump shower is in a different league to an ordinary shower and a fundamental part of luxury living. The Salamander range of Right Pumps has been specially created for these power shower enthusiasts.

Salamander Right Shower Pumps

We can supply your bath and bathroom needs and we can supply you with quality equipment from all the major shower and shower enclosure suppliers including: Daryl, Grohe, Hudson Reed, Image, Marflow, Matki, Mira, Monsoon, Rearo, Selecta, & more....