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The Clearwater Bath Range

The Clearwater Collection Ltd. is a privately owned British company that was formed in 1999 and specializes in the manufacture of 'twin skin' luxury acrylic free standing baths. All Design work is carried out in-house by the Company's team of Design Engineers. A full design service is available to both new and existing customers. All products are handmade and go through rigorous 100% inspection procedures and ISO 9000.

Most of the Clearwater bath range including accessories is available at Newport Bathroom Centre so please telephone us on 01633 262629 for our latest brochures, prices and offers.

The Clearwater Bath Process


Clearwater Collection manufactures "twin-skin" free standing acrylic baths from two sheets of 5mm acrylic. The individual processes are described below:

Clearwater Slipper bath
Clearwater Slipper

Vacuum Forming a Clearwater Bath
A 5mm sheet of Sanitary grade acrylic is clamped above a Vacuum forming Tool which is suspended on a rig. Each individual bath has its own Mould Tool. The 5 mm sheet is then heated under a special purpose oven for approximately 10 minutes at a temperature of 185 degrees centigrade. The air is vacuum sucked from the mould which then draws the sheet down into the mould to form the shape of the bath. This method is used for both the inner and outer bath skins.

Bath Reinforcement
After a bath shell has been formed it is then reinforced with 700 grams of glass fibre laminate. The laminate is initially sprayed on by a chop spray machine and then it is rolled by hand to eliminate any air bubbles to ensure correct adhesion to the shell. The shells are placed in the drying room to cure. When dry, the outside skin is drilled on the foot platforms and a fixing bolt and nut are secured. The nut is placed on the inside and the bolt on the outer.

Clearwater Orient Bath
Clearwater Orient

Clearwater Deco Bath
Clearwater Deco

Casting a Clearwater Bath
Clearwater has developed a stone based polyester cast resin mix that is poured onto the inner of the outer shell. Bodyfiller is placed onto the tap ledge to give it extra strength and a honeycomb structure is applied to the sides, ensuring maximum heat retention. The already trimmed inside shell is then inserted into the outside shell and clamped into position. This is then left to cure.

After curing the Baths are trimmed to remove any surplus acrylic and at this stage adhesion tests are carried out.

Clearwater Jupiter Bath
Clearwater Jupiter

Finishing a Clearwater Bath
The Baths are then transported for 100% inspection in the finishing department. The underneath where the two skins meet filled with a bonding paste to ensure strength and rigidity. When the bonding paste has cured, the under rim is sanded both with rough and smooth grit to ensure a smooth flat finish. The bath, where required, is then drilled to meet the customers specification i.e. tap holes, waste hole, overflow, touch pad. Each bath is then put through the rigorous quality test procedure and any imperfections are identified and removed. The bath is then polished to a high quality finish and packed to the specification required.

In Process Inspections
At all stages the individual operator is made accountable for their workmanship and an individual personal inspection sticker is added to the bath through every process. Even after all this because all Clearwater collection baths are handmade and hand finished there may be small variations from the specifications.


Clearwater Victorian Bath
Clearwater Victorian

Clearwater Style bath
Clearwater Style

Any of the baths in the Clearwater Collection can be factory fitted with their own patented Clearspa System hydro massage unit. Please contact the shop on 01633 262629 during office hours for details or via email at other times.

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