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Daryl Shower Enclosure Range

Daryl was established over 37 years ago with the dedicated intent of providing the very best shower enclosures to the UK and beyond. Through a combination of hard work and a refusal to compromise, they have built a reputation as solid as every component of every product they manufacture. When you first touch a Daryl product you'll notice something different, it feels solid, as with Daryl you are showered in luxury.

These Daryl shower enclosures and many more are all available to purchase from Newport Bathroom Centre so please telephone us on 01633 262629 for our latest brochures, prices and offers.


Daryl Arcadia Collection

Daryl Arcadia, harmonising the classic and contemporary. The understated lines belie its innate strength with a style inspired by architectural forms. Equally at home in either a modern or traditional space.

Daryl Arcadia Shower Enclosure
Daryl Cyan Shower Enclosure

Daryl Cyan Enclosures

Daryl Cyan, simplicity itself. The crisp, uncomplicated lines fit perfectly in almost any room, making it the most versatile collection in our portfolio. Cyan is the bedrock of our reputation; as solid as every component of every product we manufacture.

Daryl Minima Shower Enclosures

Minima, clear thinking that brings a subtle luxury to your bathroom, a feeling of space. Creative engineering provides an ingenious design which means we can remove the frame without compromising function, keeping water in check while light is set free.

Daryl Minima Shower Enclosure
Daryl Minima Walkin

Daryl Minima Walkin Range

The Daryl Minima Walkin Range is available with or without trays for a wetroom application add a Hydra Modern Drench Shower and you really do have a modern bathroom.

Daryl Indigo Range

The Indigo range is both beautiful and functional. The stunning ergonomic design allows an unobstrusive structure and it's functionality makes it almost effortless to use.


Daryl Indigo Shower Enclosure
Daryl Bathscreen

Daryl Bath Screens

Bath screens, good things in small packages. When size precludes a separate shower enclosure, Daryl bath screens lend big impact to the smallest bathroom. Single panel or discreet folding bath screens, mean you are sure to find a look that meets your needs.

Daryl Hydra Classic

Daryl Hydra Showers

Daryl make a range of shower towers of which the Daryl Hydra Classic is designed to be integrated with the Arcadia range & the Daryl Hydra Modern is designed to be integrated with the Minima range.

Daryl Hydra Modern

We can supply your bath and bathroom needs and we can supply you with quality equipment from all the major shower and shower enclosure suppliers including: Daryl, Grohe, Hudson Reed, Image, Marflow, Daryl, Mira, Monsoon, Rearo, Selecta, & more....