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The Duravit Designer Bathroom Furniture Range

What makes a beautiful bathroom beautiful? The fact that it combines pleasing forms with equally pleasing materials, and that it answers all functional needs. That it expresses the individuality of the user. Above all, that we feel at home in it. As a guarantor of good design, a full-service provider for integrated bathroom solutions and specialist for spa facilities, Duravit has all the ingredients you need to create beautiful bathrooms – again with lots of new ideas and possibilities for unlimited bathroom design. Now it’s up to you! How about a new bathroom?

Duravit have almost 200 years of bathroom history. It all begins in 1817, when George Friedrich Horn established an earthenware factory in Hornberg in the Black Forest. In 1842 the manufacture of tableware is extended to encompass sanitaryware products. The small earthenware factory has in the meantime become a global organisation that today produces sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, baths and spa products for dream bathrooms made by Duravit as well as products for the public and semi-public sectors. Today, the company employs 2,800 Duravit staff at eight production locations and in more than 60 countries around the world who translate the idea of "Living Bathrooms" into tangible reality.

All of the Duravit Bathroom Furniture range is available at Newport Bathroom Centre so please telephone us on 01633 262629 for our latest brochures, prices and offers.


Starck X

In his Starck X series, designer Philippe Starck maximizes minimalism. This vision called for extraordinary expertise in working with ceramic: unusual basin divisions, redesigned mixer positions and combinations with surfaces such as yellow and platinum. The bathroom furniture sparkles with brightly lacquered inserts; mirror elements shine with innovative illumination. Because overflowing water is not a problem, bathers can immerse their entire body. Talk about relaxation - and a novel bath design, from the individual layout of the surrounding moat to the optional remote-controlled lighting. Even the faucets are treading new and unusual paths: flat, sculptured chrome surfaces echo the pure geometry of the faucet body. The water gushes forth as though from a natural spring, making the ritual importance of water tangible.

Stark X - Duravit  Designer Bathroom furniture

Happy D

Sometimes one letter is all it takes to open up a whole new bathroom world. D for design. Happy D., created by Sieger Design. A bathroom series whose name is programmatic and promising at the same time. All items in the range bring to mind the distinctive shape of the letter D - and are a real lucky strike when it comes to form, function and affordability. Sometimes one letter is all it takes to open up a new bathroom world. And bring a smile to your face.

Happy D - Duravit Designer Bathroom furniture


The classic rectangular Vero washbasin has made a name for itself amongst lovers of design and architecture. That's why, in addition to the 60 cm-wide washbasin, we are now introducing three new models measuring 50, 80 and an imposing 100 cm, whose pre-punched tap holes offer the possibility to mount one or two tap fittings. Interesting combinations can be created with Fogo or with the matching chrome console on two feet, which is height-adjustable and features a decorative rail that doubles up as a practical towel rail.

Vero - Duravit Designer Bathroom furniture

Duravit Brand

Duravit has a 200-year history and is today one of the leading companies in the industry, a driving force in the world of bathrooms, helping to transform sterile wet cells into an elegant refuge – initially with sanitary ceramics alone, and later with bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtubs and wellness ideas. This has been accompanied by the continuous evolution of Duravit from a family-owned company to a joint-stock corporation, which for all its international expansion has kept its headquarters in Hornberg. An indefatigable curiosity for innovations and an unconventional approach have driven Duravit to seek new ideas. No other manufacturer can claim such innovative, distinctive and fascinating design while setting standards in quality and friendly service. The sum of these attributes can be found in the personality that the Duravit brand radiates, the good feeling that their products give and the enjoyment that can be had with them.


Here is X-Large, the bathroom furniture range with a difference. Stylish natural colours in a cool look. Milk glass, backlit. Why X-Large? At up to 31 1/2”, the dimensions are almost twice as wide as those of conventional modular systems. Nevertheless: X-Large displays surprisingly elegant proportions and a lightness of appearance. And the vast program range enables individual bathroom design: even when the available budget is not X-tra large.

X-Large - Duravit Designer Bathroom furniture

1930 Series

In 1930, Adolf Loos celebrated his sixtieth birthday. It was on this day that the great architect and father of modernism coined a remarkable phrase: ”The culture of a people is revealed by the nature of its washing amenities and toilets.” An incontrovertible affirmation of the importance of uncompromising interior design in the bathroom. Perhaps it was in championing this cause that Duravit was inspired to create a washbasin whose famous octagonal shape remains as modern today as it was 70 years ago.

1930 Series - Duravit Designer Bathroom furniture

Starck 1

We need to stop and think about the basic facts of life - a statement of somebody whose design provides answers instead of easy affirmations. For his bathroom series, Starck delves deeper. He’s interested in matter per se, not in the matter of fact. Essence is the consequence. Getting back to basics. A cliché, certainly. But also: A philosophy, a principle of life and design. Philippe Starck perceives the soul of everyday objects and tells us their stories, breathes life into them. He creates ambiences which put our souls to rest. And he retraces our fundamental needs. Freshness, cleanliness, hygiene.

Starck 1 - Duravit Designer Bathroom furniture

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