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The Appollo Assisted Bathing Range

The Appollo assisted bathing range is designed specifically around the needs of elderly, infirm or physically disabled users. Backed by one of the UK’s leading bath manufacturers, with over 40 years’ experience in the bathroom industry, the range combines quality and reliability with the very latest in technology.

Featuring powered seats, walk-in facilities for both showering and bathing, seat lifts and wheelchair accessibility, there’s a solution to meet every requirement. So, if mobility problems are proving a barrier to relaxed bathing, why not take a closer look at the Appollo assisted bathing range. We’ll help you rediscover the independence you’re entitled to. Most of the Appollo assisted range including accessories is available at Newport Bathroom Centre so please telephone us on 01633 262629 for our latest brochures, prices and offers.
As Appollo products are to assist disabled bathers these products and accessories are available without VAT for registered disabled by simply filling out one form. Please contact us direct if you would like to take advantage of this option.

Appollo Bath

This award-winning bath uses water pressure to lift the seat out of the water and is suitable for varying degrees of mobility. If low water pressure is a problem, an optional booster pump is available to ensure trouble-free bathing.

Appollo Assisted Bath

Newportrius Walk-in Shower Bath

With its simple to open watertight door, the Newportrius Walk-In Shower Bath allows unrestricted access to comfortable bathing. Relax on the moulded seat or enjoy the optional shower from either a standing or sitting position.

Newportrius Walk in Bath and Shower

Elegance Range

Elegance series of baths offering enhanced features for every special needs situation. Elegance I features a hydraulically powered seat lift, which lowers and raises the bather out of the water. To allow standard bathing for all the family. Elegance II has the additional facility of a fully powered lift and rotate seat, for easier unassisted bathing.

Elegance Assisted Bath

Now it’s even easier than ever before to enjoy the health-giving properties of hydrotherapy. The optional Appollo Air Spa relaxes and soothes away the aches and pains of everyday life and leaves you feeling invigorated and ready to enjoy your day.

Invigorating bubbles gently massage the body, strengthening back and leg muscles, and helping to improve flexibility and mobility. Appollo Air Spa may also help the body release endorphins, a pain killing substance usually released by vigorous exercise and acupuncture - again improving the bather’s ability to enjoy life. The Air Spa option is available on all baths in the Appollo range.

Aries Corner Bath

Enjoy all the luxuries of a large corner bath with the effortless function of a hand-controlled fully hydraulic powered seat. Carefully designed to combine maximum safety with performance, the powered seat rotates outside the bath and, at the touch of a button, will lower the occupant to the desired position for completely unassisted bathing. The removable seat allows standard bathing for all the family.

Aires assisted corner bath

Excalibur lift Bath

Excalibur brings a touch of magic to assisted bathing. But perhaps the most appealing feature of this model is the price. Excalibur has been specifically designed to meet any budget, providing increased independence in the bathroom for all.

Excalibur lift bath

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