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Aestus Cinier Designer Radiators

Each Aestus Cinier radiator is individually handcrafted from olycale stone, that is sourced from the Pyrenees, crushed and then reconstructed to produce a unique material.

Michel Cinier said that "Being surrounded by beauty is a way of living, everyone has their own vision, the most important thing is that it makes sense" With a Aestus Cinier designer radiators you can also be surrounded by beauty. The complete range of Cinier and Aestus designer radiators and many more radiators and bathroom accessories are available from Newport Bathroom Centre so please telephone us on 01633 262629 for our latest brochures, prices and offers.. Also we have some Ex-Display Radiators on our sister web site

Aestus Cinier Arena Designer Radiator Aestus Cinier Dock 183 Designer Radiator

Arena & Dock 183 : Designer Radiators

Both designed by Johanne Cinier, Arena is a spirited design and Dock 183 is his representation of Marseille. (both shown left).


Aestus Cinier Granite Designer Radiator Aestus Cinier Nuit de Cristal Designer Radiator

Granite & Nuit de Cristal : by Johanne Cinier

Granite represents the raw force of the elements whilst Nuit de Cristal with its Swarovski crystal inserts show the beauty of the night. (both shown right)

Aestus Cinier Cosmos Designer Radiator Aestus Cinier Voile Epure Designer Radiator

Cosmos & Voile Epure : Designer Radiators

Both designed by Michel Cinier, Cosmos shows when heaven and earth become one and Voile Epure with its polished chrome sail is just classic grace.(both shown left).


Aestus Cinier 4,33 Designer Radiator Aestus Cinier 14:26 Designer Radiator

4,33 & 14:26 : Aestus Designer Radiators

A pair of representational designer radiators by Patrice Palacio, 4,33 is the duration of a song and 14:26 is just a moment in time. (both shown right)

Aestus Cinier Fusion Designer Radiator Aestus Cinier jeux d'ombres Designer Radiator

Fusion & Jeux d'ombres : Designer Radiators

Both designed by Michel Cinier, Fusion is a subtle combination of minimalism and harmony whilst Jeux d'ombres offers a refined fusion of light and shadow.(both shown left).


Aestus Cinier oriental Designer Radiator Aestus Cinier Unis Designer Radiator

Oriental & Unis : Aestus Designer Radiators

A pair of radiators where Michel Cinier shows how design doesn't have to be complicated. Oriental is timless elegance and Unis is simplicity personified. (both shown right)

Aestus Cinier Cotton Designer Radiator Aestus CinierVelvet Designer Radiator

Cotton & Velvet : Designer Radiators

Both designed by Johanne Cinier for a gentle look, Cotton is pure and Velvet in tactile.(both shown left).


Aestus Cinier Jeu de Cape Designer Radiator Aestus Cinier Tribal Designer Radiator

Jeu de Cape & Tribal : Aestus Designer Radiators

More hot blooded designs by Johanne Cinier with Jeu de Cape representing the Matadors cape and Tribal representing passion . (both shown right)

Aestus Cinier 73km/h Designer Radiator Aestus Cinier Yacht Designer Radiator

73km/h & Yacht : Designer Radiators

Two contrasting messages of design. 73km/h by Patrice Palacio represents the speed of the automobile whilst Yacht by Michel Cinier offers the Freedom of the sea.(both shown left).


Aestus Cinier Origin Designer Radiator Aestus Cinier Designer Radiators

Origin : Aestus Designer Radiators

With Origin Michael Cinier tries to make sense of it all and take the radiator design back to its Pyreneean olycale stone beginings (shown right)

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